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I Believe in Unicorns

Amy Seimetz, from Unicorns, Breaks Out

Amy Seimetz is an Artist to Watch

Unicorns actress Amy Seimetz is featured in Indiewire's Breakout Artists to Watch

"Over the last few years, Amy Seimetz hasn't come anywhere near threatening to crack the mainstream, but has served as a sort of "Zelig"-figure for a particular kind of American independent film, crossing paths with many of the most notable players in the scene in some way or another. The latest is Shane Carruth; the actress stars in the "Primer" director's sophomore feature "Upstream Color," and while the filmmaker's work doesn't quite serve the actors in the way of some of his contemporaries, Seimetz has picked up strong enough notices that it could see her go on to bigger things from here on out."

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