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I Believe in Unicorns

Unicorns in WHOA Magazine

Unicorns gallop across the cover of WHOA Magazine

filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff on the cover of Whoa Magazine

Anthony "Train" Caruso writes:
"Staying true to life, the engaging charismatic director chose to return to the San Francisco Bay Area to shoot inside the house she grew up in and cast her own mother in the film. Thus art reflects life reflects art in a beautiful kaleidoscope of abstracted truth. Meyerhoff’s decision to “write what she knew” not only had a profound emotional impact on herself as an artist, but brought a new level of authenticity to the screen. Hopefully by watching this very personal story of family illness and interrelationship violence, other teenagers in similar situations will realize that they are not alone."

A digital download of their entire spring issue is available for purchase here

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