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I Believe in Unicorns

That's a wrap!


We have made it to the end of the beginning. Last month we wrapped principal photography on Unicorns in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From underwater aquatics to aerial acrobatics and fire spinning to disco dancing, each day of shooting brought a new adventure. We carried dolly track over a mountain, built a circus in a windstorm and drove a muscle car leaking mysterious green fluid. Our pathological optimism guided us through endless days and sleepless nights with smiles on our faces and fireworks in our back pockets. Film-making is as much about process as it is about product and this experience could not have been more magical.

Our lead actors Natalia Dyer and Peter Vack were an absolute joy to work with, charming us both on set and off. They were joined by Julia Garner, fresh from Perks of Being a Wallflower, Amy Seimetz, who has been touring the world with The Off Hours and Joshua Leonard, whose directorial debut The Lie hits theaters this fall.

Behind the camera, cinematographer Jarin Blaschke sculpted a fantastical world of light which production designer Katy Rusch promptly filled with glitter. Costume designer Emily Batson sewed scraps into miracles, sound mixer Joe Stillwater wove tapestries of whispers and assistant director Scott Larkin held it all together with chewing gum and laughter. Producers Heather Rae and Mark Mathis led us from underwater depths to trampoline heights, with executive support from David Kupferberg and Robin Leland and production help from Vinay Singh, Stacia Warren, Clio Tegal and Megan Billman.

Meanwhile Jeremy Wong, Satsuki Murashige and Gordon Arkenberg followed focus where fate led them and Brian Gonzalez loaded film with his eyes closed. Ryan Thomas, Matt Stouppe, Michael Lapid and Julien DeBenedictus built complex glowing contraptions and Grace Sloan created a world of whimsy which Rhea Cutillo propped up with dinosaurs and doll parts. Morgan Johnson watched over the wardrobe, Evan Kenward pondered continuity conundrums, Antoinette Yoka crafted eyelashes out of feathers, Simon Lake scouted secret locations, Robin Griswold printed miniature treasure maps and Gentry McShane lured extras into the back of a van while Heather Power and Kevin Wong sprinkled magic everywhere.

All together, we had an incredible cast and crew without which none of this would have been possible. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who have helped us thus far and open our arms to those who will be joining us in the future. We are currently gearing up for an additional fantasy shoot and extensive stop motion animation before heading into post production. If you would like to get involved, please drop us a line.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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